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Fresh thinking trio part 2 Hi, it's time to say at the end of everything between my husband Tom and our friend John happened to me. The thing is, as I wrote the first bit you have to remember the hot, what happens is that I was going to play me. Naughty, or what? Anyway, I spankingtube had kissed John, and we were both quickly when Tom left the room, looked at us and said something like tranquilizer has two long drinks. spankingtube I was still nervous, excited wet anyway. John let me go, but still kept his hand on my ass and said yes I can sit. So I sat on a couch next to me, Tom and John did not want that on the other side and talk away from the places we had, etc. It was so natural that I was calm when he was drinking too much John to go, but I assured him that everything was fine and I could use the room. So with that thought the way he had never taken a drink. Well, apparently relaxed alcohol in moderation, so that beCam more talkative and comfortable, and then John said he wanted to take the pocket of his car because there were some things in it. When he left, I told Tom I'm enjoying this, but I think you will do as we're concerned. He said, let's what we talked about for centuries, can only be one of the things happen to enjoy that simple, and was too eager to suck another man 's cock. Well, I thought it then I will go for it. That will never happen again, why do not really like Tom and there is nothing to spankingtube be done to make him happy, and if spankingtube you want to see a show, then I used to not disappoint. John came up with a sports bag and open it, put a couple of videos about Tom said they were very good. I spankingtube have nothing against pornographic movies, in fact, good humor, I was at that moment once. John put one on the tape and started once the picture showed a girl on hands and knees sucking a guy while fucked from behind. I laughed and saIdentification, I suspect that this is no accident that the band was on the spankingtube scene. I said : Excuse me, go into something more comfortable. I went and got undressed and put a very short ( mid-thigh ) silk gown and matching blue silk pants. I love the feel of silk against my breasts and my nipples sticking out, I gave them a pinch, just to make it clearer. When I returned to the room, both John and Tom on the couch of leaves at each end of a field for me in the middle. John said : wow you look great and I loved him! He passed his hand over the material, concentrating on my bum bum a light man for the job. I sat between them. And snuggled in them, which was fine there were two hands on my legs between my legs rubbing my pussy, I opened my legs as things easier spankingtube for them. I kissed one then the other went my hands around his cock so the two men felt that want two hard cocks it was so good, I had my first orgasmshuddery long. John was so excited to hear me, I said listen spankingtube to the beautiful clock / I was running. He said he uses the latest and I hope that's what I wanted now was his tongue in my pussy is. He needed no second invitation and took me spankingtube to the ground, I lifted my ass and helps to lower your pants. There I was, my pussy inches from his face that could do everything that I made sure I could keep my pants and took her face and kissed her and told me to look in a bathroom. I reached back and grabbed his neck, pulled him to me, he did not resist, and put my legs on his shoulders, and went straight to the point, tongue was always so warm and feel, when explored again in me was great, but I wanted to cum again and the best and easiest way for me to have a lot of action clitoris, so I relaxed my head until he knew spankingtube where to go and began to lick rhythm. Tom hugged me and played with my breasts sucking and licking my nipples felgood t. I was running again I lifted my hips and let it happen, I could not have stopped anyway. Tom later told me that I did not know that I have drawn too far. John was licking out he wanted more, but it would not work for me when I have cum so my pussy is very sensitive and tingly and I want to fix things. So I said that's enough for now. must stop now on again - time vibrator
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